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AKG WMS40 GB40 Guitar bug SR40 Receiver

SR 40 

Entry-level professional wireless system. For all applications requiring perfect audio in spite of a limited budget. Ideal for small stages, clubs, small touring systems, places of worship, hotels, gyms, etc. The WMS 40 operates in the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) range. It uses highly selective SAW filters and advanced circuitry to ensure interference-free operation and perfect sound even under difficult conditions. The plug and play concept and fixed preset frequency let you set up and operate the system right away without having to study the manual first.

SR 40 Receiver
– Receiver with rugged 19″ case for easy rack mounting.
– Adjustable squelch for noise-free reception.
– Clear status display including RF, power, and mute indicators.
– Output level adjustable from mic to line level.
– Special strain relief prevents power cable from being unplugged unintentionally.
– Professional outputs: balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4″ jack.

Power requirements and regulations for the use of wireless microphones, in ear systems and headphones vary by country. Products listed on AKG Acoustics’ U.S. website are for sale and use within the United States and U.S. territories only. AKG does not offer wireless systems for sale in the U.S. that operate on frequencies that are necessarily legal to use outside of the U.S. All AKG wireless products offered for sale in the U.S. meet FCC approvals.

GB 40 guitarbug™ 

GB 40 guitarbug™
– FlexJack swivel jack plug matching all guitar outputs.
– Extended frequency response optimized for guitar and bass.
– Integrated charging contacts and optional charger for easy use of rechargeable batteries.
– Lowest operating cost in its class. Operates on a single AAA size Alkaline or rechargeable battery.
– Integrated antenna for optimum transmission. 
– ON/MUTE/OFF switch and battery status indicator.
– Input gain control for optimum modulation. 
– Replaceable color code element. 
– DC/DC converter for constant transmission quality throughout battery life.